About 20 new generic drugs will be on the market at the end of this year. The patents on the brand drugs have expired, allowing drug manufacturers to create generic versions. Most aren’t on the Medicare Plan Finder yet, and won’t be released until later in 2016.

Sometimes, companies will try to expand their patent, allowing for more time before a generic can be produced. Revenues for brand drugs drop dramatically when their generic versions are introduced. Generic drugs can take over 90% of a brand drug’s sales.

Here a few popular drugs that will soon have a generic version:

  • Crestor – Rosuvastatin Calcium
    Treats high cholesterol. Available in May.
  • Benicar – Olmesartan Medoxomil
    Treats high blood pressure. Available in October.
  • Zetia – Ezetimibe
    Treats high cholesterol. Available in December.
  • Proair HFA – Albuterol Sulfate
    Treats asthma, COPD and others. Available in December.
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Fast Facts

  • The price of generics is usually 80-85% less than brands.
  • Once introduced, generics take about 90% of a brand’s sales.
  • Generics must match the brand’s active ingredient, strength, type of medicine, effects, performance, and standards of testing.
  • Generics can differ from brands in color and shape, label and packaging, and flavors and preservatives.
  • There are two types of generics: Generic Equivalents, with the same active ingredients, and Generic Alternatives, with different active ingredients. Generic Alternatives are not prescribed as often, and require a separate prescription to be filled.


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