A personal agent can give you straight answers to all your Medicare questions.

Today, the Medicare Maze is more complicated than ever before. My Medicare Planner takes the guesswork out of choosing a Medicare plan. When you become a part of the My Medicare family, you have an agent that is

Stuck in a Medicare

Pickle? Let Pickle

Man guide you!

dedicated to meeting your needs, even as they change over the years. We help you choose the plan that is right for you by getting to know your individual needs.

A personal agent will help you compare plans Side by Side and Dollar for Dollar.

As your Medicre Planner, we will consider all the financial risks: Premium, Co-pays, Co-insurance and Deductibles. We look at the big picture, something that is hard to do when choosing insurance over the internet. Plus, we evaluate your insurance every year, so you won’t be surprised by rising premiums and high co-pays.

We offer the freedom of choice all in one location – at no additional cost to you.

Since we carry over 30 Medicare companies – more than anyone else – we can help you find the plan with the right benefits at the lowest premium. You work with an honest and trustworthy advisor to guide you through the Medicare Maze and still pay the lowest premium. That’s right, you get the benefit of our expertise at no additional cost in your health care premium. You will never have to shop around again. That’s the difference a personal agent can make. You deserve Medicare “Peace of Mind.”

With a personal agent you always get the best savings and service.

We guide you through the discovery process to match you with the best plans for your lifestyle, family dynamics and financial freedom.

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