More and more Central Virginians are coming to Tom for their insurance needs. They see the value that 25+ years of experience brings to their insurance planning.

I worked with Tom long before he became an expert in Medicare Supplemental Insurance. Tom is not only knowledgeable and experienced, but more importantly, he is caring and has a great sense of urgency especially when time constraints are critical. His analysis of supplemental insurance options made my decisions much easier for me and my wife.


James H

“He really has helped me. So far he has really helped me save a lot of money.”

Mildred L.

“Found the side by side comparisons of the different plans to be very helpful. The service is very beneficial for people who are busy and don’t have a lot time to do their own research.”

Martha S.

“He was very informative, very knowledgeable. Actually, when he came to my house, we talked almost 2 hours just about Medicare. He answered all my questions. I was so confused and he guided me in the right direction. I have begun to refer him to other people.”

Victor E.

“He does a great job. My husband and I are very delighted with his services.”

Isabelle C.

“He has been with my wife and I for 5 years and I am very pleased.”

Michael W.

” Very pleased. Met with him one time and he was very thorough and got back to me like he said he was going to do.”

Ellen P.

“He is fine fellow. We are very pleased with Tom and his company. Very happy!!!”

Colin C.

“Tom is great. We depend on him and love him.”

Joseph C.

“I have been with him for a number of years and he has always helped me.”

Anna B.

“He helped me save a lot of money.”

Charles B.

“My husband and I have been with Mr. Chamouris for quite some time and he has always helped us.”

Faye C.

“Tom has done a great job helping me understand the ins and outs of the Medicare programs.”

Henry G.

“He always made sure I had the cheapest plan.”

Norman S.

“He has been great!! He has always found me the best plan. Even when my spouse was living Mr. Chamouris helped him too.”

Helen T.

“All these years I have really enjoyed the services Mr. Chamouris has given me.”

Sylvia R.

“I want to express my appreciation that My Medicare Planner, Mr. Chamouris, did help me make a decision with my supplement to Medicare. I don’t see how people can make a decision without his help because it’s very difficult to understand. Without his help, I wouldn’t have saved the money that I’m saving. Thank you Mr. Chamouris and staff.”

Jerrold T.

“He was very patient. He answered all my questions thoroughly and I understood him. He broke the insurance down in plain English.”

Carol A.

“He helped a whole lot. Very pleased with his services.”


“He walked us through all complications and simplified it for us and I’m confident that if I have any questions that I can reach him and he will resolve all of our problems. He takes the burden off of us.”

Francesca I.

“His ability to find the best insurance deal is an enviable process. Other people I talk with say they wish they knew about his services.”

George B.

“He was really really good! At first I didn’t know what to do. My other insurance had dropped me and he helped me a lot. He explained to me everything and how it worked. He made me feel better and encouraged me. I was puzzled and didn’t know which way to go. A friend of mine referred me to him and I decided to call. Happy I called him, he was such a blessing.”

Addie M.

“He has helped a lot!”

Lottie P.

“He helped greatly and saved me money!”

Melvin P.

“He has helped me tremendously. I’m very pleased. He has been there for me quite a number of years. “

Edith T.

He is wonderful! He is wonderful to talk with and explain things. He does a wonderful job.”

Carolyn B.

“Tommy will work out a plan that will meet your needs and I am very pleased with it.”

Mary W.

“He helps you a lot. I recommend him to other people. He has done a good job!”

James J.

“I appreciate his services and hope that many other people can benefit for it. Not just my generation, but future generations as well.”

Joyce S.

“He helped me through the madness of all the plans presented by all the companies- it’s overwhelming. He helped me pick the right plan for me. He saved me about 75% more than what my previous employer offered me as coverage.”

Richard C.

“I been with him a while and I really enjoy his service.”

Randolph and Shirley W.

“He helped me chose the best plan for me. Medical and drugs plans. “

Barbara M.

“Mr. Chamouris is my health insurance agent. He has been very helpful, has saved us a lot of money, and me and my husband appreciate all that he has done.”

Margaret J.

“Very beneficial to work with someone so knowledgeable. His knowledge of the programs gives you lots of options.”

Elizabeth M.

“He did a lot for me. He helped me save a lot of money compared to other agents. Very intelligent to talk to, explained everything in detail to my liking.”

Sanford A.

“Tickled to death.”

Kenneth T.

“Very nice, very personable, could not have been more helpful.”

Jean and Earl S.

“I would recommend him and always do.”

Gail and Robert W.

“Very knowledgeable, accommodating, answers all of your questions.”

Marshall R.

“Nice man.”

Alice S.

“Happy with the plan.”

Estelle T.

“Saved money and he explains everything simply.”

J. and Bernard S.

“Very helpful, referred to us by a friend.”

Gwendolyn R.

“Nice, very informative.”

Ceila R.

“He’s very helpful, very honest and truthful.”

George R.

“Very nice man, pleased with plan.”

Laverne and Bill S.

“Very efficient & knowledgeable, explained everything carefully. Would highly recommend him.”

Linda and Larwence W.

“He did a fine job, very pleased.”

Leon W.

“Fine man to deal with. Honest, dependable. Happy with Constitution Life.”

Katherine W.

“Very friendly and nice – helped us.”

Nellie and Vernell T.

“He’s alright with me, fine, honest.”

Sarah T.

“Very nice, truthful and informative.”

Mary and Melvin T.

“Very nice man. He came to my home and explained everything to me.”

Dorothy S.

“Did research for the best possible plan – satisfied with the results.”

Barbara and Emmett S.

“Very professional. He offers numerous plans and policies.”

Margaret S.

“Did great, really helpful – came to speak at our church, very informative and knowledgeable.”

Doris and William S.

“Nice guy, good information – will recommend to others.”

Eula Mae and Eldridge S.

“Most attentive, process was easy and he is very knowledgeable.”

Evelyn S.

“Super good guy.”

Earl S.

“Very nice man.”

Rosa Q.

“Nice guy, helpful.”

Ilda and Hikmat R.

“Happy, stays on top of things, has customer’s best interest at heart.”

Janice and John R.

“Very helpful and nice.”

Russell R.

“Referred by friends, Tom came out and was very pleasant. Signed up for the plan – not much else to say.”

Betty and Randle R.

“A great person who does a thorough job. He knows what your needs are and what is right for you. Very helpful!”

Nancy J.

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