Last year, Medicare beneficiaries continued to save billions on prescription drugs since the 2010 introduction of the Affordable Care Act. These are the total savings:

  • 10.7 million beneficiaries have saved $20.8 billion on prescriptions with discounts.
  • Average savings per person: $1,945.

These are the numbers for 2015 alone:

  • 5.2 million beneficiaries saved more than $5.4 billion with discounts.
  • Average savings per person: $1,054.

The savings are 12% higher than in 2014, and twice as many beneficiaries saved money:

  • 5.1 million beneficiaries saved $4.8 million with discounts.
  • Average savings per person: $941.

Medicare beneficiaries are also being healthier by taking advantage of their plan resources.

  • Nearly 40 million beneficiaries used “at least one preventative service with no copays or deductibles” last year.
  • About 9 million Medicare Advantage beneficiaries, and 6 million with Medicare supplements, had an annual wellness visit last year.

Last year in Virginia, over 1 million people enrolled in Medicare Part B.

  • 76.2% of beneficiaries in Virginia used Medicare Part B Free Services.
  • 19.5% of beneficiaries in Virginia had an annual wellness visit.

Read the report on Medicare savings here.

For more on the numbers, see this Modern Healthcare article.

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