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I don’t know about you, but getting cozy inside with a nice warm cup of cocoa sounds like the perfect way to spend this rainy day. According to an article by the senior news and lifestyle website ‘Third Age,’ that cup of cocoa made do more for you than just warming your soul–it may just keep your memory strong longer. The article delves into the results of a study performed by Columbia University Medical Center scientists that found that age-related memory decline can be reduced or slowed by certain dietary changes. Namely, the scientists found that the naturally occurring ‘flavanols’ in the cocoa bean were significant ‘memory-boosters.’ Not all cocoa products carry these important flavanols, however, as they are sometimes removed during processing of the cocoa bean. So for a little extra brain power, check the label of your cocoa and be sure it includes theses flavanols before indulging in a cup.


Check out the rest of this fascinating article here.

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