Here are the highest and lowest-rated plans for the upcoming year

Medicare released its annual star ratings this month, which measure the performance of the new Medicare Advantage and Part D Plans. The ratings range from 1 star to 5 stars, the highest score. You can use the star ratings as a helpful guide during the Enrollment Period.

The criteria for ratings is slightly different for each plan, as shown on

Medicare Advantage Plans:

  • Staying Healthy: Screenings, Tests and Vaccines
  • Managing Chronic Conditions
  • Plan Responsiveness and Care
  • Member Complaints, Problems and Leaving the Plan
  • Customer Service

Prescription Drug Plans:

  • Customer Service
  • Member Complaints, Problems and Leaving the Plan
  • Member Experience with Plan
  • Drug Pricing and Patient Safety

Plans are rewarded for high scores and penalized for recurring low ratings. If a plan has 4 or more stars, Medicare pays them an extra 5% per member in their monthly payments. If a plan is rated with 5 stars, the plan can enroll new customers year round- a coveted bonus.

If plans have less than 3 stars for three years, the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Finder will flag them with a caution sign, and won’t allow beneficiaries to enroll on the Medicare website.

These are the highest-performing Medicare Advantage- Prescription Drug (MA-PD) Plans for 2016:


These are the highest and lowest-rated local Prescription Drug Plans for 2016. The highest-rated are in green, and the lowest-rated are in red.


For more information on Star Ratings, see this page from

This Modern Healthcare article provides an overview of Star Ratings and what they mean for plans with low scores.

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